About Bluestem Bank

The name BLUESTEM was selected to honor what many call the monarch of the prairie grasses - Big Bluestem. Grasses once formed the foundation of the North American prairie. Big Bluestem is the most prevalent and widely distributed of all prairie grasses, and was largely responsible for the formation of the famous prairie sod. Growing three to eight feet tall, it thrives on a tremendous range of soils, from wet, poorly drained clay to dry, open sand. While the plants appear as individual clumps, their roots mesh together to form a dense sod. The grasses of the prairie covered the greater part of the once vast Midwestern grasslands. In conjunction with a number of less prevalent species, they blanketed the center of the continent with an ocean of green that built some of the finest soils in the world. Their legacy today is the Corn Belt.
Just as the roots of Big Bluestem grass sink deep into the prairie soil and contribute much to it, so too the "roots" of the people at BLUESTEM reach deep into the communities they serve.

Our "roots" give us stability and provide the basis of the absolute dedication and commitment we have made to the financial development and well-being of our business, our customers and the communities of those we serve.

Dedicated to supporting our community

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