Direct Deposit / Withdrawal Services (ACH)

Bluestem Bank can originate and receive electronic payments and deposits for our customers.

Would you like to offer direct deposit to your employees? Do you collect monthly (or periodic) contract fees for your products or services? Are your customers requesting that you directly debit their account?

Through Bluestem Bank, you can offer this service for any of the above reasons and more. Bluestem accepts ACH files in NACHA format from third party vendors, in-house systems or PC-based software. Files may be sent to Bluestem via Flash drive or disk or secure transfer.

Benefits of ACH include:

  • Reduction of paperwork and time
  • Reduction or elimination of unnecessary errors
  • Quick and efficient processing of redundant transactions
  • Elimination of mail issues
  • Convenient option for recipients (employees or customers)
  • Decreased research time for lost or misposted items
  • Provides a clear audit trail

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