The Credit Risk Management team administers all aspects of our internal credit portfolio. If that doesn’t sound thrilling, think of it this way: much of our entire business is driven by providing our customers with the credit that allows them to buy what they want and build their credit at the same time. (And they love us for it!) This team uses powerhouse analytics to make the best decisions possible on behalf of our customers. Yep, credit is cool.

Key roles hired in this area include:
  • Credit Risk Analysts
  • Credit Risk Managers
  • Fraud Strategy Management
  • Business and System Analysts

Credit Operations and Collections

Members of our Credit Operations and Collections team work together to manage the systems, processes, and support functions to administer innovative credit and collections programs that are best for the company and our customers. This team works to improve cash flow, process important transactions supporting our business and regulatory requirements and reduce receivables. Every day, they use both head and heart as they partner with our customers for fair solutions.

We look for talented:
  • Collections Supervisors
  • Collections Analysts
  • Vendor Coordinators
  • Credit Operations Supervisors, Managers and Associates
  • Executive Care, Fraud Investigators and Account Support associates, Supervisors and Managers