The Credit Risk Management team administers all aspects of our internal credit portfolio. If that doesn’t sound thrilling, think of it this way: much of our entire business is driven by providing our customers with the credit that allows them to buy what they want and build their credit at the same time. (And they love us for it!) This team uses powerhouse analytics to make the best decisions possible on behalf of our customers. Yep, credit is cool.

Key roles hired in this area include:
  • Credit Risk Analysts
  • Credit Risk Managers
  • Statistical Analysts and Data Scientists
  • Fraud Strategy Management
  • Business and System Analysts

Credit Operations and Collections

Members of our Credit Operations and Collections team work together to manage the systems, processes, and support functions to administer innovative credit and collections programs that are best for the company and our customers. This team works to improve cash flow, process important transactions supporting our business and regulatory requirements and reduce receivables. Every day, they use both head and heart as they partner with our customers for fair solutions.

We look for talented:
  • Collections Supervisors
  • Collections Analysts
  • Vendor Coordinators
  • Credit Operations Supervisors, Managers and Associates
  • Executive Care, Fraud Investigators and Account Support associates, Supervisors and Managers

I have enjoyed over twelve years on the Credit team supporting our Fingerhut customer’s journey and delivering excellent financial results.

Our dedicated team has created an industry leading Credit Product suite to support the near-prime and sub-prime customers using our FreshStart installment solution and Down Payments to augment our base revolving credit program.  This allows Fingerhut to say yes when others say no.  We utilize deep knowledge of our customer base through sophisticated data and modeling.  The team is smart, driven and focused on using analytics to help customers succeed with a Low and Grow credit line strategy. We consistently focus on improvement across all areas of Credit and Collections to make tomorrow better than yesterday.  Innovation in tools, process management and modeling/strategic design are a core theme for the credit team

What I enjoy most about our Credit and Fraud Strategy Team is our continuous push to lead in our space through data, modeling, analytics, partnerships and refining our value proposition with our internal stakeholders.   In our pursuit to say “yes” when others do not, we are always looking at the next generation of data sources and continuously evaluating new strategies through disciplined Champion/Challenger testing.  We are often the first in the industry to evaluate and/or beta test new products from the traditional and alternative data providers.  In my nine years here, we have found ways to leverage our extensive customer histories to show generational improvement to our risk/reward trade-off, developed dozens of Machine Learning based models and filed multiple patent applications.  There is no better feeling than hearing from our banking partner(s) and vendors that our strategies and modeling are some of the most sophisticated and advanced in the market.