We bring our customers’ web experience to life.

We present an easy-to-use credit application, personalized shopping experiences, and customer-focused account management and payment. Our eCommerce Product teams design a world-class human centered experience. They work closely with partners across the organization and engineers to deliver an in-house developed web platform. The Findability and Product Operations team is responsible for product content onboarding, taxonomy, and product attribute presentation.

Through a blend of technology and precise execution, the Site Operations, Optimization and Innovation team manages the day-to-day production of the site as well as driving optimization via innovative experience testing, automated shopping personalization and promotional experiences. In Category Management, we curate merchandise-driven product shops, drive seasonal events and promotions and enhance the shopping experience and discoverability. Our Analytics, Tagging, and Customer Data Platform team helps enable hyper-targeted promotions, manages data governance and tagging and keeps tabs on this activity through eCommerce analysis and reporting.

  • eCommerce Product
  • Site Operations, Optimization & Innovation
  • Category Management & Planning
  • Findability & Product Operations
  • eCommerce Analytics, Tagging & Customer Data Platform

I love working at Fingerhut because it has a start-up culture where innovative ideas from any area and level of the company are welcomed and implemented.  We are small enough to move very quickly, but large enough to provide the resources and support our teams need. Coupled with that, I get to work alongside partners I can learn from and who push me to take on new and challenging opportunities (and – most importantly – have a ton of fun along the way)!