Human Resources

We are actively looking for someone to come on board and help us transform our team member experience from good, to great, to excellent.

There has to be so much in the experience of a team member and we want to hire excellent talent, develop them and provide career paths within Fingerhut or the broader Bluestem family or develop and equip them for a role outside of Fingerhut.

A hugely impactful role you will lead much of this transformation in close partnership with the business leaders.

The team member experience has changed forever and will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Successful companies will have dynamic Human Resources teams who lead with vision and have the ability to drive fundamental change within organizations. This is what we are building at Fingerhut.

Talent Acquisition

As we build a world class organization and team member experience our talent acquisition team increases in importance as they build community and awareness of our mission with prospective candidates. Bringing in incredible team members accelerates our serving our customers and helping them achieve their financial goals even quicker.

HR Business Partners

Fully integrated into the business teams that they support our Business Partners are just that. Partners who bring vision combined with understanding the goals of their business partners goals focus on improving the team member experience and development, organization design, career pathing and building a future for team members ideally at Fingerhut or within Bluestem or, should they choose, beyond our company.