Finance and Treasury

The finance and treasury teams are part of the shared services platform that delivers accounting, finance, and treasury services to the various business teams of Bluestem.  We view our colleagues as internal clients, partnering with them to work efficiently and effectively in support of their mission to leverage data and modeling tools to improve the lives of our customers. We have made significant investments in people and technology to ensure that we are well positioned to support the growth Bluestem has experienced and which will continue at an even greater pace.

Our accounting professionals collaborate with all functions of the organization to gather, summarize, and present key financial information in a timely manner. Bluestem is a data driven organization and that discipline extends to our accounting and finance professionals.

Our treasury team has the responsibility to plan and manage the cash needs of our business. We have a robust treasury function that manages the reporting and operations to support our capital market and banking partners.  Bluestem’s growth is predicated on many factors, not the least of which is its continuous focus on it strong financial position.

I was lucky to have joined Bluestem in November 2021.  I lead a team of very talented professionals that provide the financial and treasury support to the organization. In my time here, I have been blown away by the passion and skill demonstrated throughout the entire organization.  As a company, we are focused on improving every aspect of the customer experience while promoting a supportive and highly collaborative work environment.  We very much have a “can do” culture that is poised for great future success.