Welcome to your opportunity with Bluestem Brands

Thank you for coming to check out opportunities to join the world-class team at Bluestem Brands.

Bluestem operates two, purpose driven customer-facing brands: Fingerhut and Orchard Brands. Fingerhut is an established FinTech with a mission to improve the financial lives of its valued customers. Orchard Brands provides lifestyle apparel through a diversified multi-brand portfolio.

Since I joined as CEO in August 2020, I have been incredibly impressed with what the team has been able to deliver. I have been even more impressed with how Bluestem has delivered those achievements despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic and the resulting product and supply chain challenges.

Bluestem has never been in such strong financial health and the investments we are making will see this position continue to strengthen and provide exciting opportunities for all of our team members.

As you think about joining this great team, keep these achievements in mind:
  • Two consecutive years of delivering record profitability
  • Net Promoter Score® (a calculation that measures customer experience) at Fingerhut surpasses many of the best-known retail brands in the United States
  • Clear and winning customer value propositions for both businesses
  • Strong financial position
  • Innovation in technology, advanced machine learning, digital market and customer experience

Hybrid workplace? Yes, that’s the Bluestem way!

We all know the way we work has changed forever. There are some positions that will require full-time, on-site presence, but most roles with Bluestem can be performed away from the office. After all, we all know that our kitchen table, sofa and deck have become great workspaces. We can talk about specifics of the role you’re interested in as we get to know each other better, but our hybrid model means that many roles will only be in the office three days a week.

Why? Well, every now and then employees need face-to-face interaction to celebrate, collaborate, bond and grow. In those times, we may schedule special office meetups. Our strength is our culture of communication and community.

Don’t let your location keep you from applying. We already have office hubs in several states, but if you’re interested in a role, you may just find it can be done totally remote.